Quote1.png My family was close, not Appalachian hillybilly close but we leaned on each other we made each other laugh, that all changed when you showed up! Quote2.png
Jason Praxis src

Jason Praxis was the last surviving member of the Praxis Family.

During a family reunion, they stumbled upon Harley Quinn's Crew committing a heist. In order for there to be no witnesses, Queen of Fables brutally murdered the family. Jason only survived by hiding under bench, with Harley Quinn letting him because she thought he was a young child after only seeing the back of his head. Distraught, he attempted to commit suicide by jumping into an electrical fence. But as the fence was a part of S.T.A.R. Labs, it instead gave him electrical-based powers. He confronted Harley and her crew, intending to kill Queen of Fables, but was ultimately killed by her instead.




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