Jason Scott Jones is an artist.

Professional History

Jason Scott Jones has worked for several companies including Milestone Media and DC Comics. At Milestone he held the staff position of Color Editor as well as working as a freelance Pencilier, Inker, and Painted Color Artist. Additionally designed and refined several characters of the "Dakotaverse" for Milestone.

As a freelance Colourist for DC Comics, Jones worked on Flash, Impulse, Wonder Woman, Superboy & Xero in ongoing series and Annuals. To date Jones has colored nearly every principal character of the DCU and Milestone lineups and produced over 1,500 combined color pages and comic covers.

Currently he draws and animates for his own enjoyment and is the Founder and Creative Director of JSJ Creative specializing in Production and Motion Graphics for film, TV and Digital media.

Work History


Jason Scott Jones provided the digital color for the cover art of Wu-Tang Clan member GZA's debut album "Liquid Swords".


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