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Jason Teague was the assistant football coach for the Smallville Crows.

In the late 1980's, Jason Teague played with Lex Luthor, Oliver Queen and Patricia Swann, while their parents engaged in their Veritas meetings.[1]

After graduating high school, Jason entered Metropolis University and played for the Bulldogs, his freshman year. He could've gone pro, but he tore his rotator cuff, ending his career in football.[2] In 2004, Jason went to Paris, where he had a seemingly accidental encounter with Lana Lang (his mother had arranged it[3]). After she returned to Smallville, Jason followed her. He took a job as assistant coach for the Smallville Crows, allowing him to be near Lana, while transferring to Central Kansas University (claiming to have been cut off by his father).[2][4]

Jason continued his relationship with Lana, which eventually got him fired, for being involved with a student at Smallville High School.[5] Jason was soon hired by Lex Luthor.[6] However, little did Lex know that Jason was secretly working with his mother, to acquire some stones of power, that his mother and the Luthors were both looking for. He and Lana's relationship soon began to break apart, due to Jason keeping secrets from her. Jason claims that everything he's done was for her.

Later, Jason and his mom kidnapped and tortured Lex and Lionel Luthor. Eventually, the Luthors broke free. Jason was shot by Lionel and fell down a cliff, after he tried to talk to Lex about Clark Kent - a Smallville High student, whom Jason had become suspicious about and was jealous of due to he and Lana's lingering feelings.[7] Jason survived, but couldn't find his mother. Instead, Jason went to the Kent Farm, where he took Martha and Jonathan Kent hostage, demanding to know where Clark was. However, Jason was killed by a meteorite, that hit the Kent Farm.[8]



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