Jason Temujin Minor (b. September 1, 1971) is an artist.

Professional History

Jason Temujin Minor has worked in the Graphic Arts field for over twenty years. His portfolio covers a wide range of media, including; book cover and ad design, web design, 3D graphics, Illustrations, fine art, and composition of promotional material for local businesses. He ran his own freelance business for ten years and produced artwork for various Magazine and Comic Book companies. He has rendered his services with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Inc., Image, White Wolf Publishing, Five Rings AEG, and many more. He has collaborated on such diverse projects as; Batman, Books of Magic, X-Men, Deadpool, Animal Man, Shadow Man, and (with writer Elaine Lee) co-created the DC Comics mini-series, BrainBanx.

For the last ten years, Jason has been working in the PC Gaming industry. He worked as an environment artist and a character artist on the Massively Multiplayer RPG, Star Wars Galaxies for Sony On-line Entertainment. He then went on to be the Character Lead and eventually the Art Director of Star Wars Galaxies Live and the Trials of Obi Wan expansion

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