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Quote1.png You can't stop crime. That's what you never understood. I'm controlling it. You wanna rule them by fear. But what do you do with the ones who aren't afraid? I'm doing what you won't, I'm taking them out. Quote2.png
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Jason Todd was the second Robin, the sidekick of Batman. After being believed dead, he returned to Gotham City as Red Hood.

Jason Todd was a kid in trouble with the law. Batman found him stealing the tires off the Batmobile and later took him in to train him to become the next Robin.

Dynamic Duo

Jason became Batman's second Robin, and together they stopped crimes throughout Gotham City, such as having stopped the Riddler. At one point on a Friday night, Jason saved the Mayor of Gotham City from being attacked by members of a gang while leaving his office.

As the years went by, Jason became more and more aggressive while fighting criminals. At one point while stopping thugs, he accidentally shattered the collar bone of one of the thugs that Batman and Robin needed information from.

Ra's al Ghul hired The Joker to distract Batman and Robin. During the fight, Joker kidnapped and beat Jason with a crowbar. Before Batman could get to Jason who was trapped inside the warehouse, the bomb the Joker had set up exploded. With the unnecessary death of Jason weighing on Ra's mind, his guilt drove him to secretly take the body to the Lazarus Pit in order to bring Jason back to life. The pit had affected Jason's mind. Using the past alias of the Joker, Jason took up a more aggressive type of crime fighting as the Red Hood.

Five years later, Jason confronted Batman and the two engaged in a fight. After Batman refused to kill the Joker, Jason shot at him but he swiftly dodged the bullet and used a Batarang to block Jason's gun barrel as he fired, causing the gun to explode and injure his hand. He then activated explosives within the building to kill all three of them with a ten second time limit. The Joker attempted to stop Batman from disarming them but was knocked unconscious by the Dark Knight. In the last few seconds, Batman grabbed Jason to shield him from the blast as the building exploded. When Batman came to from the blast, he only found an injured and laughing Joker in the rubble and no sign of Jason's body. A few days later, Alfred Pennyworth approached Bruce on whether to take down Jason's memorial. Bruce refuses, saying 'this doesn't change anything'.






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