Jason Todd was the second person to take up the mantle of Robin and a sidekick to Batman.


Jason Todd was an orphan whose life had already been full of hardships before he met Bruce Wayne, who was the vigilante Batman. His brother Danny had fallen in with a street gang named the "Wolves", whose psychotic leader Alpha made new members take an initiation rite, which was to be on the lookout for the police. Danny did so but fell to his death after the fire escape he was on collapsed. Batman had seen this and went after the Wolves, but was already beaten to the punch by Jason, who had come to their hideout to take revenge. Bruce was impressed by him fighting everyone there, but stopped him from shooting at them.[1]

Jason Todd as Robin

Jason Todd as Robin

Batman was an inspiration to Jason since he was someone he could relate to, and his room's walls were filled with pictures of him along with his allies as well as villains. Bruce later decided to take him in and soon started training his sidekick, especially since he had felt lonely after Dick Grayson leaving. Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth and vigilante partner Barbara Gordon however believed it was premature, also noticing that Jason seemed very violent. Alfred brought this up and also stated that Jason seemed obsessed to be a Robin, but Batman denied there was anything to be concerned about, stating he knew he realized that only Batman can consider him ready for the role. One night however, Jason followed Batman without his permission when he went after a bunch of criminals. He was presumably killed.[1]

Adventures Continue

Four years later, a resurrected Jason returned to Gotham City and started stalking both his fellow Batman Family members and agents of their rogues gallery.[1] While spying on Deathstroke and his partner, Sunny, Jason discovered that they were in cahoots with Lex Luthor to assassinate Batman.[2] He slipped a message to Barbara, warning her that Slade was leading Bruce into a trap.[3] Later, Jason would visit the carnival The Joker was hiding in, but not without being noticed.[4] He was cornered by Joker and his Straightman. Straightman seemed superhumanly strong and invulnerable, but luckily for Jason, Joker opted to escape rather than finish him off.[1]





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