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Jason Todd was Red Hood, a vigilante anti-hero who was a member of the Batman Family and the Anti-Life virus outbreak, the Shadowpact.

A day after the corrupted Anti-Life Equation had begun to infect Earth's population, Jason went to the Batcave, calling for Batman and Alfred Pennyworth. However, much to his shock and grief, he finds Batman, Nightwing and Tim Drake's corpses on the ground. He also finds Ace, Batman's dog, unharmed, and reassures him that they wouldn't leave their corpses like this. After burying Batman and his sidekicks, Jason and Ace left in search of the two surviving members of the Bat-Family.[1]

Arriving at the Gotham City Police Department, he saved Cassandra Cain and Commissioner Gordon from a large group of the Anti-Living, and briefed them on his plan to escape Gotham City. He tried to convince Gordon that his daughter was dead, but agreed to take him to her corpse, later deciding to tie The Joker's corpse to the Batmobile. They later made their way to Bludhaven, where Jason took out a horde of undead surrouning a building using the Batmobile's missiles. They discovered the building contained a group of orphans whom they decided to help defend.[1]





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