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Jason Todd succeeded Bruce Wayne as Batman.

He lead the Justice League

Todd was killed by Superman-Prime after watching Superman-Prime smash Donna (Wonder-Woman)'s skull open on her Invisible Jet. The force of Superman-Prime's attack on Wonder Woman was so intense that it completely shattered the entire front of her Invisible Jet. Enraged to almost near insanity at her death, Todd directly ejected from his Batplane to combat the murderous Superman-Prime, ignoring the vast super-strength of his opponent that Todd had just witnessed. Recovering from his mistake, Todd sought to escape the incredible power of Superman-Prime and recover. Superman-Prime decided to directly strangle Todd, rather than allow him to fall back to Earth-15's surface.

Realizing that he was going to die, Todd decided to use reverse psychology on Superman-Prime by telling him that Earth-15's populace would never accept him, hoping it would cause Superman-Prime to either stop his attack to learn how to make the Earth-15 populace accept him, or at least allow Todd to get out of Superman-Prime's reach to recover. Unfortunately, rather than causing Superman-Prime to calm down, Todd's words enraged the insane Superman-Prime to the point that he decided he would rather just destroy the entire planet than leave it, since the populace would not accept him. Superman-Prime then flew into Earth-15's atmosphere at advance speed, vaporizing Todd completely.

Superman-Prime continued to puncture Earth-15 several times, causing the internal core to rupture, shattering the planet and killing all who were on it. It is unknown if there were any survivors of Earth-15, though some had the ability to leave Earth-15 before it shattered completely, such as its Green Lantern and Atom. The source dimension continues to exist, as well as other inhabited planets of the Earth-15 dimension.




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