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Quote1.png So you want me to go undercover and infiltrate the Magistrate? Betray my family and everything they stand for? That's easy... I've been doing that my whole life. Quote2.png
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Jason Todd is the Red Hood, a former vigilante and ally of Batman who began hunting mask wearers in Gotham City at the behest of the Magistrate.[1]

When Gotham got taken over by the Magistrate Bruce asked Jason to infiltrate their ranks, pretending to betray the rest of Gotham's heroes (only he and Bruce knew of this).[2] He became a bounty hunter going after "masks", though he was notorious for never killing his captures, unlike fellow hunter Rose Wilson, with whom he began an intimate relationship.[1]

Hunting the Red Hood Gang

Following a Mask Alert about the Red Hood Gang robbing a transport, Jason tracked one perpetrator to the Gotham Narrows. They discovered that he had been controlled using the Mad Hatter's tech. Because he was dead,[1] Jason put on the helmet to have it lead him to the gang's headquarters, where he discovered that White Rabbit was controlling it. When Ravager showed up too White Rabbit commanded Jason to attack her, but she managed to damage the helmet, which freed Jason. Then the building was attacked by drones, which lead to an explosion. After they got out in time Ravager and Jason talked about getting away to her father's private island. But when Jason met up with Bruce to report on having found evidence linking White Rabbit's operation to the Magistrate, he told him that Jason would have to remain in Gotham for the time being, so he had to send her away alone.[3]


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  • Kusarigama: Jason uses two Kusarigama, sickles that are chain-linked to metal weights, to fight and grapple.

  • Jason was in a relationship with Rose Wilson.[1]
  • Once Rose stopped helping him color his hair,[1] he got a white streak on his forehead.[2]



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