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Jason was believed to have been killed by the Joker, but later resurfaced, with the goal of ending the reign of the Collective.


Maximum Human Conditioning: Due to his training with Batman and further training after his supposed death, Jason achieved a physical and mental condition that was nigh-superhuman. Through special dieting plans, rigorous training, meditation techniques & exercise regimes, he had developed that strength, speed, metabolism, stamina, longevity, reflexes & agility that are at the near the limits of a super-soldier’s inhuman capabilities. By matching his former mentor in combat, he has proven that he is physically far superior to most Olympic athletes, just as Batman is.

Nigh-Superhuman Strength: Jason was extremely strong and was at peak human range, having been rigorously trained by Batman then further training from himself and Deathstroke to his very limit of strength. He could easily pin Batman down with one leg, punch him hard enough to send him rolling a few meters across an entire room, and even broke free of his stranglehold when Batman ambushed him near the militia's long-range missile launcher; feats that cannot be accomplished by an ordinary man. With one kick, he could break a locked high-strength steel door open and carried Barbara Gordon across his shoulder with absolutely no strain. Jason at the peak of his strength and using muscle control can easily tear metal structures, lift a full-grown man over his head with one hand and throw him several meters just like Batman and Nightwing.

Nigh-Superhuman Speed: Jason is immensely fast, with his speed he could catch-up or outrun moving vehicles, likely to always be first in running-races and have great reactions. His speed was at the highest limit of human potential. He was known to be slightly faster than Batman himself, likely due to Batman's immensely bulked up physique. Jason was shown to be fast enough to dodge the Batmobile’s riot suppressor rounds which move as fast as a bullet, and easily keep up with Batman in combat speed. His running speed is superior to Batman, but not quite enough to match Dick Grayson.

Nigh-Superhuman Durability: Jason’s muscles and bones are much harder/denser than normal humans due to his training as the second Robin, extended beatings from the Joker for a year, and his immense training after his “death”. His rigorously trained body is at the very peak of human durability, meaning he could take getting beaten by a thick metal baseball bat and it would break, regularly falling a couple of stories, getting shot in non-fatal areas of the physical body. Jason can possibly survive an entire building collapse and withstand beatings from untrained super-humans. He has shown feats of bodily resistance to the point that he took Batman’s full unrestrained attacks, and showed minor discomfort when the Joker beat him in the face with a metal crowbar.

Nigh-Superhuman Endurance: Jason's body possessed extraordinary metabolism, and, combined with his intense training as the second Robin, this further enhanced his tenacity, and gained physical endurance which could be considered near superhuman. Having survived a year of continuous and brutal torture at the hands of the Joker and ultimately surviving a gunshot in an extremely weakened state, Jason possessed a strong will, body, and mind. During his brutal ordeal with Joker, he learned to withstand relentless torture, and in turn, attained a massive amount of tolerance towards pain, physical or otherwise. Years later, Jason's rigorously retrained physique was immensely stronger than before.

Nigh-Superhuman Agility: Jason's agility was at peak human potential superior to even gold-medal-winning athletes and other highly trained professionals in the field of athletics. In his training as Robin, he had been taught acrobatics and gymnastics routines. He has shown an extremely high level of physical capabilities in Parkour and military obstacle training as shown when he could maintain balance on a high tree, climb and freely move about the complex environment of Gotham City. He retrained himself to be an even better gymnast and acrobat than Batman, but not quite good enough to match Nightwing.

Nigh-Superhuman Stamina: Jason’s highly trained and developed body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles, granting him near-superhuman levels of stamina and lung capacity. He could exert himself at peak capacity in all physical activities for hours without tiring or slowing down.

Nigh-Superhuman Reflexes: Jason’s advanced reactions were honed to the highest human limit, far better than normal humans, even though this ability was not classified as 'superhuman'. He could easily match Batman's own reflexes during their short fight, and even dodge bullets fired at him from Black Mask at point-blank range, while still reacting to simultaneous attacks.

Nigh-Superhuman Senses: Jason's natural five senses were at the highest caliber of human potential; making his sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste extremely precise and accurate by human standard. He can concentrate his senses to see accurately from moderately far distances, acutely touching ink on a page, hear and distinguish small sounds, have smell capabilities like a primate, and tasting more accurately than normal humans. This makes him highly alert to danger and aware of the surroundings around him; this ability was not classified as 'superhuman'.

Nigh-Superhuman Healing/Metabolism: Jason could heal much more rapidly than a normal human athlete, which enables him to heal broken bones, torn muscles, several gunshot & knife wounds and other severe injuries within several days and most lesser injuries like cuts, scrapes and burns within hours. This is likely due to his greatly accelerated metabolism was further enhanced through his intense training and nutritionally-strict diet. He also ages slower than normal humans, though not to a 'superhuman' degree.

Master Strategist & Tactician: Having trained under Deathstroke, Jason possesses immense skills in military grade tactics, strategies and protocols. He has the disciplined mind of a true military commander with the strategic mind of Deathstroke. His tactical skills are equal to that of Batman, and has outsmarted him on multiple occasions.

Leadership: Jason has learnt how to lead an entire army with extreme charisma, intimidating techniques and the power of suggestion. He is also skilled enough to help his army adapt to the Batman's tactics and fighting styles.

Master Martial Artist: He has been rigorously trained by Batman in almost every form of hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship and other Ninjutsu-based abilities. His primary form of combat is a mixture of Aikido, Silat, Boxing, Savate, Ninjutsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga; though he has mastered other styles as well. After his "death" Jason was trained by Deathstroke, he later gave himself an even more rigorous training than Batman himself to become Batman's equal and possibly surpass the Dark Knight. Batman calls him a master of Martial Arts. Jason Todd is a highly skilled combatant trained by Batman. Although he was always more of a brawler as Robin, following his resurrection, he gained more training and demonstrated himself to be far more skilled than before.

Genius-Level Intelligence: After being adopted by Bruce, Jason received excellent education and rigorous mental training from both private tutors and Bruce, thus has deep knowledge in many subjects including Science, Math, Medicine, Geography, Criminology, World History and English. Due to being heavily tutored by Bruce and further training after his ‘death’ his mind has been greatly enhanced through years of mental training. Like Batman he has perfect recall, accelerated learning aptitude, eidetic memory, and photographic memory. He was also able maintain straight A's during his time in the Wayne Industries school for troubled teens.

Master Marksman: He has shown a remarkable proficiency with firearms as well as other military-grade technologies and weaponry. He also has a unique pair of pistols which turn into a powerful sniper rifle. He is also a deadly in the art of marksmanship which enhanced his ability not only with firearms, but throwable weapons too; such as knives and shuriken. His accuracy was at the peak of human perfection and potential his precision mastery was high enough to allow him to shoot a target as small as handcuffs without harming Bruce, and shoot Scarecrow’s pistol out of his hand without harming him also. Jason’s marksmanship is slightly superior to Batman’s and may be on par with Deadshot’s.

Master of Stealth, Infiltration, Sabotage, Espionage, and Escape Arts: Since his presumed death, Jason lived in complete anonymity that most of the people who knew him thought he was dead. As the Arkham Knight, he could freely move about Gotham City while remaining undetected by the highly vigilant Batman, and even managed to spy on the latter without Batman noticing. He was able to infiltrate the high security facility of Gotham city Central Holding and secretly assassinated Tweedle cousins, he was able to personally laid a successful ambush on Batman a feat that not even the most intelligent of Gotham City's criminals could accomplish. Jason was originally skilled in stealth when he was trained by Batman. He has further increased his Ninjutsu skills exponentially.




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