Jason Todd was the original Robin and shared a father-son relationship with Batman.

The Joker, jealous that Robin was closer to Batman than he would ever be, abducted Jason and tortured him for Batman's secret identity. Harley Quinn alerted Batman, but by the time he arrived, Jason was gone, assumed killed by the Joker, but no body was ever found. A headstone bearing Jason's name was put up on an empty plot next to Thomas and Martha Wayne's graves.

Years later, Jack Napier, a temporarily sane Joker confessed what truly happened that night. Jason withstood all the torture, however, when the Joker decided to end it, he held a knife to Jason's throat and asked for his last words. Broken, Jason tearfully replied "I wish I'd never met Bruce Wayne". The Joker allowed Robin to go free, but rather than return home, Jason left Gotham, choosing to let Batman believe he was dead.

Having defeated Azrael, Bruce Wayne turned himself in to the police and was imprisoned at Stonegate Penitentiary awaiting trial. At Bruce’s request, Commissioner Renee Montoya tracked down Jason and hired him as a guard to prevent Bruce escaping, and allow the two time to talk.



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