The Fly is a member of the Crusaders.

Jason Troy was a high school student assigned by his teacher to create a superhero. He sketched a hero wearing a costume with insect-like eyepieces and antennae. Unexpectedly, Jason found himself transformed into his own creation. He went on to fight crime as the high-flying Fly, often teaming with such heroes as the Shield, the Jaguar, and The Web.


  • Transformation
    • Flight: His wings allow Jason to fly at the speed of a human-sized housefly. He can hover in mid-air, and fly just as fast backward as he does forward.
    • Superhuman Strength: With the proportionate strength of a fly, Jason can easily hold his own against larger opponents. He has been seen lifting a small car over his head and smashing through brick walls.
    • Invulnerability: His armored costumed is as strong as the exoskeleton of a man-sized insect. It renders him bulletproof, fireproof, and basically incapable of being harmed by anything of a smaller caliber than an armor-piercing shell.
    • Vibration Projection: Jason's wings can create powerful vibrations strong enough to make a large building shake.
    • Wall-Crawling: Jason can generate an attractive force that lets him cling to solid objects including walls, ceilings, and even the bottom of a moving airplane. This ability has been shown to work even while he sleeps, meaning it likely doesn't require active concentration to maintain.


  • Energy Depletion: Jason's powers require vast amounts of energy, and can easily exhaust him. He often has to ingest large quantities of food and drink great amounts of sugary liquids, like soda, sports drinks, or pineapple juice, to offset this process and function normally.


  • Fly Amber: Jason's powers come from a magical piece of amber he wears as an amulet around his neck.


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