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Blue Jay is a former member of the Retaliators.

The Microverse

Jay Abrams was born in America on the planet Angor, in Earth 8 of the Multiverse. By his adult life he had gained the power of and taken on the superhero persona of the Blue Jay and joined the super team known as the Retaliators. Eventually Blue Jay and the Retaliators came up against the evil Lord Havok and his servants the Extremists. Havok and his team were able to wipe out the Retaliators, with Blue Jay escaping by shrinking smaller then he ever had before. When he returned to consciousness he discovered that he was in a sub-atomic plane known as the Microverse.[1]

Heroes in Crisis

He went to Sanctuary to try to regain control of his powers. He was one of many heroes that were killed in a massacre and his corpse was eaten by crows.[2]

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  • Size Alteration: Blue Jay has the ability to alter his size at will. He is capable of shrinking himself small enough to enter the Microverse, which is a sub-atomic plane of existence.[1]
  • Flight[1]


  • Science
  • Survival: Blue Jay was able to survive for years in the perils of the Microverse with nothing but his wits.[3]


  • Power Instability: After his fight with the Silver Sorceress Blue Jay partially lost control of his size altering abilities, sometimes when he went to bed he would wake up shrunken.[2]