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Quote1 We're not gods, we're men who for whatever reason have been given extraordinary abilities. You have to ask yourself what kind of hero you're gonna be. Are you just gonna take a do over every time you make a mistake, or are you gonna live with them and move forward? Quote2
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Jay Garrick operated as the Flash on Earth-3. After his history was rewritten, he became a native of the Post-Crisis Earth-2, where he was a member of the Justice Society of America. He later moved to Earth-Prime, and became an ally of Team Flash.



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Held captive

Jay was attacked by Zoom, who took him prisoner and kept him in his hideout with a mask that was designed to inhibit Jay's speed. While Barry Allen and Jesse Wells were being kept prisoner with him, Jay attempted to communicate with them through a code which he tapped out with his hands, but Zoom threatened to kill him if he continued. Barry and Jesse's friends later rescue them, but due to time constraints they were unable to rescue Jay, but left with the promise that they would return. He is left in captivity again when Caitlin Snow is released from her cell by Killer Frost. He is finally rescued after Zoom is defeated, and he is brought to S.T.A.R. Laboratories, where the inhibitor mask is removed. He then retrieves his Flash costume, and, being unable to return to Earth-3, goes to Earth-2 to become that universe's Flash, while Harrison Wells helps him get back to Earth-3.

Facing Savitar

After Flashpoint, Garrick returns to Earth-1 to help Barry start handling Iris' suspicion of hacking into the city cams, and other consequences that time's lack of stability has wreaked. Later after fighting off an alien invasion, Barry arrives in Earth-3, subdues Jay's Trickster and convinces him to help him defeat Savitar. Jay reveals to Barry that he knows a lot about the god of speed himself all except the world that Savitar came from in the multiverse. Soon as Barry subdues Alchemy, Jay gets heavily beat by Savitar who doesn't let Jay get an edge on him but was then subdued by Barry closing the vessel with the philosopher stone inside. After subduing Savitar a second time, Jay helped Barry trap their ultimate enemy in the speed force but in the process of doing so, a time boom sends Barry into the future and after he sees Iris get killed by the metallic god, Jay brings Barry back to the present and explains to him that he shouldn't be easily petrified by the horror he saw and focus on everything going on now before returning to Earth-3.

When Savitar escaped the Speed Force and trapped Wally in his place, Jay decided to free Wally and stay in Speed Force to keep his balance. After being released, Jay joins Team Flash in the final battle to defeat Savitar. Jay later returns to help Barry use Flashtime, and reveals that he plans to retire and is training a protégé to become his successor as the Flash.


When Eden Corps set off a nuclear bomb in Earth-1's Central City, Barry had Jesse Quick find Garrick on Earth-3 to help brainstorm ways to disarm the nuke in Flashtime, where seconds move as hours. Barry suggests that they throw it into the Speed Force, though Garrick vehemently opposes the idea. After numerous failed attempts to stop the nuke alongside Killer Frost and Vibe, the trio attempt to shock the nuke by having them all throwing lightning at once. The plan is derailed, however, when Jay is unable to do so due to his exhaustion from slowing down time around him with the other speedsters. Jay, out of commission, then recuperates. Without him, Barry is able to stop the nuke by using the quark sphere previously placed in the Speed Force in the Flash's absence, later reuniting with Jay. Jay reveals to the team that he's currently training a new female speedster to take his place on Earth-3.[2]

Crisis on Infinite Earths

When a powerful wave of antimatter began sweeping across all the known universes, Jay began working on a map of the Multiverse to track the direction of the wave. Barry later visited Earth-3 after getting injured attempted to break through a wall of antimatter to see the future. Jay introduced Barry to his wife, Joan Williams, who, to his shock, is the doppelganger of his late mother. Tending to the wound and returning him to Earth-1, Jay and Joan helped find a way to project Barry's mind into the future in order to see what was to happen in the impending Crisis on Infinite Earths. Before going back to Earth-3, they both did a sweep of Earth-1 for any antimatter.[3]

During the Crisis, Earth-3 and presumably its inhabitants were wiped out of existence by the wave of antimatter, leaving Jay Garrick's fate unknown when the Multiverse was rebooted.[4]



Following the recreation of the multiverse, Jay was now a native of the Post-Crisis Earth-2.[5] Like in his Pre-Crisis life, he still married Joan Williams, and became the metahuman vigilante known as The Flash.[6] After he gained his powers, Jay used them to travel to the past to fight against the Nazis during World War II, subsequently spending the next sixteen years living on and off in the past and the present.[1]

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Alongside the Justice Society of America

Eventually, Jay became a founding member of the Justice Society of America. While on the team, he fought against several supervillains, including Per Degaton, who he banished to an alternate timeline, The Thinker,[7] and various members of the Injustice Society of America.[8]

Eclipso Affair

Following the murder of Rebecca McNider, Jay attended her funeral alongside several of his teammates, where they discussed her murder at the hands of Eclipso. Later at JSA Headquarters, the team debated whether to kill Eclipso's host, Bruce Gordon, in order to stop him. During this discussion, Jay unsuccessfully advocated against the idea, and later refused to participate after he lost the vote. This fateful vote resulted in the members of the Justice Society drifting apart from one and other, and permanently left a mark of the team.[9]

Meeting with The Shade

During his time-travelling adventures, Jay went to the future and met the new leader of the Justice Society, Courtney Whitmore/Starwoman. Later, he travelled to 2031 to seek the assistance of the new JSA against an unknown threat, unwittingly disturbing The Shade's tour of the JSA Headquarters.[10]

Life on Earth-Prime

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Return to Earth-2 and Legacy

Some time later, Jay returned to Earth-2 to be once again a member of the JSA. On Christmas Eve, 2010, he fought alongside his comrades against the Injustice Society in a final showdown that led to Jay being murdered by the Injustice leader, Jordan Mahkent aka Icicle. His iconic helmet was left on the floor, almost completely frozen by Icicle's power.[8]

Some time after the war, Jay Garrick's helmet and suit were taken to JSA Headquarters by the only surviving member, Pat Dugan, in order to honor the memory of his late comrades. A giant photograph of Jay in his early years was also stored in the headquarters.[8]

However, unbeknownst to the Justice Society members, Jay Garrick somehow escaped death and eventually returned to the present to work again with the new iteration of the JSA. Some time later, he was sent by Stargirl to a possible future of Earth-2, in 2031, where he recruited The Shade as he was needed, along with other Justice Society members and allies, in a big clash. After saying that their journeys are never over, the two heroes travel back in time to the past.[11]


  • Speed Force Conduit: Jay possesses a connection to the extradimensional energy source known as the Speed Force. The Speed Force enhances Jay's physiology to superhuman levels, most notably super-speed.
    • Superhuman Speed: Jay possesses the power to move at vast superhuman speeds.[12]
    • Superhuman Agility: Jay possesses far greater balance and bodily coordination, allowing him to easily maneuver while moving at superhuman speeds.[13]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Jay's reaction time is augmented to superhuman levels, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans.[14]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Jay is able to withstand the stress of moving at superhuman speeds, without showing signs of weakness or fatigue.[13]
    • Superhuman Durability: Jay possesses far greater resilience and stamina than humanly possible, allowing him to easily withstand extreme exertion and impact forces.[14]
    • Accelerated Healing: Jay's cells are capable of regenerating at an accelerated rate, allowing him to heal rapidly from injuries at a much faster rate than normal humans.
    • Dimensional Travel: Jay is capable of using his Speed to enter the Speed Force, as shown ehen he intercepted Barry Allen from travelling throughout time.[13]
    • Electrokinesis: Like all conduits of the Speed Force, Jay generates large amounts of electrical energy, especially when moving at super-speed.[12]
    • Intangibility: Jay is capable of vibrating his cells on an atomic level, allowing to make parts of his body intangible.[12]
    • Time-Travel: Jay is capable of using his speed to travel throughout various points in time.[13]


Other Characteristics


  • Hermes' Helmet



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