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Velocity is a clone of Jay Garrick created by Brain and Monsieur Mallah and sold to Ratu Bennin, dictator of Mali.

Velocity is unleashed upon the Outsiders when they are discovered by Bennin, the speedster comes close to defeating the team when Metamorpho attacks him with acid and manages to overpower him. He is later taken by Green Lantern who states that the Outsiders cannot be trusted.



  • Tactical Analysis: Velocity appears to be a sharp strategist, being able to quickly analize the Outsiders in order to devise a fighting strategy that let him neutralize them starting from the most powerful members of the team. He also appears able to adapt quickly based on the situation and the opponent.

Other Characteristics

  • Illness: Velocity DNA is corrupted causing him to decompose over time if left without his suit.


  • Velocity Suit: Velocity wears a costume that releases a costant dose of antibacterial retardant that keeps his illnes at bay.



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