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Jay Nakamura is a Gamorran refugee living in the United States. He has a keen interest in journalism and activism, and anonymously runs an underground journalism site called The Truth.[1] Due to experimentation against his will, Jay is also a "post-human" with metahuman-like abilities.[2]

At some point, Jay began attending Metropolis College, where he headed the media department. On the first day of a new semester, he and other students were saved from a school shooter by Jon Kent, the new Superman, who gave up his secret identity in doing so. In return, Jay revealed to Jon that he runs the news site The Truth, where he exposes truths that mainstream media dare not report, such as the plight of Gamorran refugees, becoming an important ally of Superman in the fight for justice.[1]

After an invitation from Jon and his father to dinner with their family in Smallville ended with an attack orchestrated by Gamorran President Henry Bendix, Jay's powers were revealed to Jon. Convinced that the attack is the result of President Bendix creating and using other post-humans to use as weapons, Jay introduced Jon to Wink and The Aerie, other members of the Truth who are also victims of post-human experimentation.[2] The group explained their concerns to Jon, who set off to confront Bendix directly.


  • Intangibility: Jay's powers appear to be able to activate as a form of self-defense, demonstrated when he phased through both an impact blast and Jon's attempts to rescue him from it, all before Jay was even aware of the threat.[2]


  • Starting with Superman: Son of Kal-El #5, Jay and Jon will be dating.[3]
  • Lois Lane is his personal hero, and he has a picture of her on his wall.[4]