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Mindwarp is a super-powered being with self-serving motives. He is able to astrally project himself in a seizure soul with incredible powers.

Justice League Dark

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Madame Xanadu selects Mindwarp for her team Justice League Dark, believing that he will help avert a great disaster she has foretold.[1] Shade, the Changing Man is sent to forcibly recruit him in Australia, and they fight each other before Young escapes.[2] Despite this he assists in their final battle against the Enchantress, returning in a more powerful body.[3] Mindwarp eventually leaves the team, citing that his seizure soul had begun to get out of control.[4]

Peter Milligan has said about the character that "He enjoys life to the full. He's a man whose gift is his curse. Something of a playboy, he lives every day as though it might be his last, because if you're Mindwarp -- if you possess the ability that he does -- everyday really might be your last. He's a bit like Brad Pitt with an unexploded bomb up his arse."[5] He calls himself an existential killer trying to find meaning in an empty void.[2] Despite having been part of Justice League Dark, he describes himself as an individual and not a team player.[1]




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