Jayna, alongside her twin brother Zan, makes up the membership of the Wonder Twins.

Jayna and Zan hail from the planet Exxor, a peaceful world compared to Sweden of Earth. This heritage gives Jayna and Zan the ability to transform into any animal and water respectively, though only when they fist bump and shout "Wonder Twins powers activate!".

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  • Exxorian Physiology
    • Therianthropy: After fist bumping her brother and saying "Wonder Twins powers, activate!", Jayna gains the ability to transform into any animal. This hypothetical animal does not have to be from Earth, or even Jayna's home dimension.[2]
      • Wings
        • Flight: By transforming into a bird, Jayna can take to the skies with the use of wings. Though she can only go as fast as whatever she transforms into naturally can.



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