The early life and how Jayna acquired her abilities are shrouded in mystery. She and her brother were abandoned by their father, the first time their powers manifested themselves. Ending up living on the streets, the two began admiring the mysterious superhero known as "the Blur". His activities inspired Jayna and her brother to become crime-fighters themselves, but there were two problems. Not only did they frequently screw up (ruining police undercover operations and taking out all the power in Metropolis), but they gave all credit to the Blur, rather than creating their own superhero personas.[1]

Eventually, their activities caused the Blur to track them down and take them to Watchtower, where they were placed under the supervision of Chloe Sullivan. Soon realizing their mistakes, they assisted the Blur with taking down Ray Sacks. Afterwards, Jayna and her brother took the Blur's advice and created their own heroic personas, while training as part of the Watchtower Network.[1] About two years later, Jayna and Zan were among the younger members of the Network, who were sent to San Francisco, to train under Jay Garrick. A splinter group, that eventually became known as the "Titans".[2]


  • Metamorphosis: Jayna possesses the ability to shape-shift her body into any known animal form. While in a selected form, Jayna maintains full control of her mental faculties.



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