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Jean-Paul Ludovic Valley was once an incarnation of Azrael, an assassin employed by the Order of St. Dumas.

According to Nomoz, Valley's father and grandfather were both Azraels as well, and implied that the role was hereditary. Nomoz once stated that in the whole of Valley's career, he had killed fourteen men, two women, and an eleven year old child. Valley met his end when he was shot by Carleton Lehah multiple times. He survived long enough to contact his son, Jean-Paul Valley, inform him about his double life, and provide him with funds, meant to be used to escape the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas. He died in his son's apartment with his son at his side. Unfortunately, Jean-Paul misinterpreted his father's wishes and wound up going to Switzerland to be trained as the next Azrael.[1]



Other Characteristics


  • Flaming Sword

  • Although Jean-Paul Valley once stated that he and his father shared the same name,[2] other sources indicated that his father's name was actually just "Ludovic Valley."[3]