Quote1.png The sacred Order of St. Dumas was crumbling, and rotten. It had lost its way... we were founded in pursuit of great knowledge, but our leaders merely used our reach and power for their own gain. As with the Flood, and Sodom and Gommorah, our Lord knows how to weed out corruption. He had deemed me our new saint. And given me this great task. And in you, I have my holy instrument. God's great sword. Ascalon. Quote2.png
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Jean-Paul Ludovic Valley is father of Jean-Paul Valley, and like him he was an Azrael for the Order of St. Dumas.

Once the sword of the Order of St. Dumas known as Azrael, Jean-Paul Valley, Sr. had his successor engineered as a virtual clone of himself by Mother, naming him Jean-Paul Valley. When he deemed the Order to have failed, he activated the artificial intelligence known as Ascalon to cleanse the Order of impurity, killing almost all members in the process.[1][2]

When Ascalon returned following the lethal excommunication of Brother Kodo, the leader helped to separate the robot's thoughts from those of the perspective of the Suit of Sorrows, meanwhile claiming himself to be the new saint of the order in lieu of Dumas.[3]

Following the fall of Ascalon, Valley was met by Ra's al Ghul, who claimed that Valley's work had exceeded all of his organization's hopes, and said that he had earned a seat at his table, something for which Valley had been hoping. He also claimed that they would do well to meet the organization's benefactor.[4]




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