Quote1 I promise you, Bruce. You were right to pick me. I am what Gotham needs. And I'll show you. Quote2
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Saint Batman is an alternate version of Jean-Paul Valley originating from the Dark Multiverse. When Bruce was defeated by Bane, Jean-Paul briefly took up the mantle of the Batman. However when Batman returned, Jean-Paul refused to return the mantle, believing he could be a better Batman then Bruce.

Jean-Paul defeated Batman as well as they rest of the Bat-Family, and took control of Gotham City. Thirty years later Jean-Paul ruled the city as Saint Batman.

History of character has not yet been written.




  • Drug Addiction: Jean developed a dependence to the Venom within his suit and years of prolonged use has weakened his body with constant wheezing.


  • Venom
  • Saint Batman Suit: A new specialized suit that feeds Jean a constant flow of Venom.


  • Batmobile



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