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Quote1 I promise you, Bruce. You were right to pick me. I am what Gotham needs. And I'll show you. Quote2
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Saint Batman is an alternate version of Jean-Paul Valley originating from the Dark Multiverse. When Bruce was defeated by Bane, Jean-Paul briefly took up the mantle of the Batman. However when Batman returned, Jean-Paul refused to return the mantle, believing he could be a better Batman then Bruce.

Jean-Paul defeated Batman as well as the rest of the Bat-Family, and took control of Gotham City. Thirty years later Jean-Paul ruled the city as Saint Batman.

Jean-Paul Valley's history is supposedly similar to his New Earth counterpart up until that fateful encounter in the Batcave. Where Bruce was able to outsmart Jean-Paul in the normal universe and eventually reclaim the Batman costume, here in the Dark Multiverse, Jean-Paul overpowered Bruce here, delivering a devastating blow to his spine, crippling him and vowing that he would prove he made the right choice.

In the years that followed, Jean-Paul ravaged Gotham City to the ground by setting it on fire and forced it to be rebuilt under his guidance, cut off from the main land as the outside world collapsed. He also captured Bruce and removed all of the other man's limbs, reducing Bruce to nothing than a torso and a head. At some point, he also stopped using the "Azazel" name and upon donning a brand-new costume, took on the name "Saint Batman".

Thirty years later, Jean-Paul is informed by his lover/wife Madeline of an outsider attempting to incite violence through the aid of Oswald Cobblepot who has also guaranteed them safe passage; however, he leaves that to his proxies while he goes for his usual routine, trying to force Bruce to admit that Jean-Paul was the successor he needed and that if Bruce were to do that, Jean-Paul would kill him and finally end Bruce's suffering with Bruce refusing to do so.

That night, explosions erupted throughout Gotham, awakening Jean-Paul from his sleep and forcing him back into action. However, the man proved to be too ravaged through his years due to his addiction to Venom and nearly died trying to prop back up a wall underwater while being taunted by the visage of Saint Dumas. Rescued by his followers, Jean-Paul returned to the cave in need of a Venom supply only to find it gone and confronted by Lady Shiva, the Son of Bane and a rescued Bruce Wayne, with Madeline revealing she did away with his Venom supply because she grew disillusioned with his drive.

After Madeline was murdered for her "sins", Jean-Paul did battle with the trio, tearing off the Son of Bane's right arm to drink his naturally-producing Venom to overpower everyone. However, this proved not enough as the Son of Bane used Jean-Paul's old Azrael gauntlet to skewer him through the chest, then shatter his spine. Bruce, then, murdered the two before taunting the wounded Jean-Paul, thanking him for realizing what he needed to do.

Jean-Paul was last seen crucified to a bat-shaped plaque, supposedly killed as a crowd applauded their new hero, Batman who stood there in the rain.



Other Characteristics


  • Venom
  • Saint Batman Suit: A new specialized suit that feeds Jean-Paul a constant flow of Venom.




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