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Command Kid was a demon-possessed villain who infiltrated the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Jeem Rehtu was born and raised on the ocean planet of Preztor. Jeem Rehtu was flying around in his rocket-craft on his home planet Preztor, when he accidentally crashed on Taboo Isle, and was possessed by a demon. The demon used his body to escape the Isle, and he went to Earth to arrange other such bodies for his fellow demons.

He then encounters the Legion of Super-Heroes and hit upon the idea of giving his fellows super-powered bodies. He impressed the Legion by using his ability to generate hallucinations in the minds of others to foil a robbery. He was offered membership into the Legion, but proved to be an immodest and vain youth. Fellow Legionnaire Star Boy grew jealous of Command Kid's abilities and expressed a desire for powers as impressive as the Kid's.

Command Kid offered Star Boy a pill that he promised would give him great power, but in truth, it only served to place Star Boy into a state of suspended animation. Command Kid repeated this trick with several other Legionnaires.

Element Lad and Saturn Girl learned the truth about Command Kid's situation and realized that the demon possessing him had a weakness to gold. Element Lad used his powers to transform Command Kid's weaponry into gold, thus exorcising the malevolent entity from his body. Free of the demon's influence, Command Kid quit his short tenure as a Legionnaire and returned to his home world.


  • Illusion Casting: While possesed by the Tabbo Demon Jeem Rehtu had the power of Illusion.



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