Jefferson Pierce was a metahuman from Earth-2.

Jefferson Pierce was born in Freeland and somehow gained metahuman powers in the past. He eventually married with Lynn Stewart and had two daughters, Jinnifer and Anissa.

He became a teacher in Garfield High School and was secretly a vigilante under the alias of Black Lightning, like his alternate counterpart.

Around 2018 or 2019, the A.S.A. invaded Freeland to capture the metahumans in the pods who were being studied in the city. Jefferson tried to stop his daughter, Jinn, who had started working for the American agency but she refused to listen to him and executed the metahumans as she was ordered by her employers.

Jefferson was forced to fight Jinn but the girl finally overpowered him and murdered him as well as Jefferson's wife and other daughter.[1]



  • It is unknown if Jefferson was somehow brought back to life in the new version of Earth-2 after the Multiverse's rebirth.



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