Jefferson Pierce is the superhero Black Lightning, the protector of the city of Freeland. In his civilian life, he is the principal of Garfield High School.

Originally taking up the mantle to avenge the death of his father by ganglord Tobias Whale, he retired from heroing after it ruined his family life. In his nine years of retirement, Whale and his gang, the 100, managed to expand their empire. After they threatened the safety of his school and daughters, Black Lightning returned to the streets.




  • Power Instability: Jefferson's powers use his brain to concentrate the electricity of the environment; but if he uses the power without the suit for a long time, it will kill him.


  • Black Lightning Suit: Gambi made a special suit which helps Jefferson to use his power in more ways, and even control his neural power instability.
  • Jefferson was born on September 12, 1974.[2]



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