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Jefferson Pierce was once the superhero known as Black Lightning, thought missing after his transformation into a being made of living lightning.

After the Magistrate's rise to power, Gotham City became a police state and began hunting anyone wearing a mask. Jefferson was one of the prisoners in the Magistrate Detention facility alongside Jimmy Olsen.[1]

Some time later, Jefferson went missing and re-emerged cursed. Jefferson is now a being of living black lightning and resides within the Soultaker II.[2][3]


  • Cursed Physiology: Jefferson was cursed by dark magic and made into a being of mystical living lightning. (Formerly)
  • Electrokinesis: Jefferson is able to generate, become, and manipulate electricity for various purposes.
    • Electro-Blast: Jefferson is capable of projecting the electricity he produces from his hands, as arcs and blasts.
    • Enhanced Senses: Jefferson's powers allow him to tap into the earth's electromagnetic energy, allowing him to sense disturbances in it.
      • Enhanced Hearing: Jefferson was capable of "listening" to electromagnetic frequencies.
    • Flight: Jefferson can levitate and can fly by becoming a bolt of lightning.
    • Black Electricity: Jefferson can generate a form of electrical energy that is mystical in nature and surpasses the capabilities of normal lightning. This lightning can bypass electrical shielding, physically empower others, and is often black.
  • Immortality: Following alterations to the timeline, the cursed changed to Jefferson not aging. He was still in his prime thirty years into the future.[4]


  • Power Instability: As a curse, Jefferson's powers are more wild and harder to control. (Formerly)



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