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Jefferson Pierce is Black Lightning, a genius superhero with the power to generate electricity and a former member of the Justice League.

Year One

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Following the Joker's destruction of Metropolis and the disillusionment of Superman, Black Lightning retired from the Justice League and focused his efforts on helping the survivors of the destruction as Jefferson Pierce. However, despite this initial neutrality, Pierce was recruited to aid Batman's Insurgency against Superman.

On one of his first missions for the Insurgency, Lightning and Huntress captured Hawkgirl from kidnapping a political officer, only to find out that Batman intended on imprisoning her inside the Insurgency Base. Pierce, as well as a few other Insurgency members, saw a problem with them illegally imprisoning one of their former friends like that but continued to stay on the team regardless.

At the latter part of the first of fighting, Batman and the team made a risky play to steal the newly developed Super-Pills the Regime were making from the Fortress of Solitude, a move that got Green Arrow and Captain Atom killed. Upon returning from the mission, Batman encouraged most of the Insurgency to go into hiding until further notice.

Year Five

Black Lightning, having kept to his orders and stayed hidden for four years, finally grew so disillusioned with the Insurgency's mission that he joined the Regime. Though he didn't believe in Superman's totalitarian rule, Black Lightning thought he could do more good alongside them than in hiding. Pierce personally quit the Insurgency to Batman's face, which the Bat was disappointed to hear.[1]

Before Brainiac's Invasion

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After the fall of Superman's Regime shortly after he joined, Black Lightning was forgiven for his betrayal of the Insurgency and invited by Batman to help him reorganize the world back to normal. However, not long after the Regime's fall, Pierce's daughters were kidnapped by the League of Assassins as they planned to exterminate those they felt plagued the Earth. The League used the children as a distraction from the main goal of wiping out the entire city of Washington, D.C. and, even though Pierce was reunited with his children, the League had ultimately succeeded. At some point between this and the peace talks with the League, Pierce became President of the United States of America.[2]





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