Jefferson Pierce is a high school teacher, and the vigilante known as Black Lightning.

At first, Black Lightning operated in Los Angeles where he developed a partnership with Blue Devil.[3] He valued this partnership so strongly that he did not want to join the Justice League without Blue Devil.[4]

He retired from being a vigilante and moved back to Cleveland, where he grew up, with his father so his father can spend his last years surrounded by friends and family.

After his father's death, he resumed his Black Lightning identity.[2]

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  • Electrokinesis: Jefferson is able to generate and manipulate electricity for various purposes.
    • Electro-Blast: Jefferson is capable of projecting the electricity he produces from his hands, as arcs and blasts.[1]
    • Electromagnetism: Jefferson's control over electricity allows him to manipulate electromagnetism for various purposes.
      • Enhanced Senses: Jefferson's powers allow him to tap into the earth's electromagnetic energy, allowing him to sense disturbances in it.[5]
        • Enhanced Hearing: Jefferson was capable of "listening" to the electromagnetic frequencies put out from an alien device.[6]
      • Force Field: Jefferson is able to create an electric force field capable of deflect bullets.[7]
      • Super-Leaping: Black Lightning can use an electro-magnetic push against a metal surface to throw himself incredibly far distances (a move that was taught to him by Cyborg). While escaping the police, Jefferson used their police car to shoot himself a dozen blocks in the air.[7]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Jefferson possesses superhuman reflexes, as he has shown himself capable of dodging gunfire at close range.[8]




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