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Sensor is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Sensor attended Legion tryouts in the guise of a humanoid from Orando, and displayed the ability to control senses. It was later revealed she used this guise because during her travels, she had encountered much xenophobia over her actual, snakelike appearance.


  • Orandan Physiology
    • Illusion Casting: Jeka's powers are based on the senses. When first introduced, she projected illusions. After her powers were increased, her illusions became so realistic that the subject of them could not tell reality from her projections. She was now able to effect all of the senses and could shut them down, effectively isolating a person in a prison of their own mind. She was also granted the power to see through the illusions of the world, be they illusions of size, or distance, or time, or even death.
  • Night Vision


  • Prior to her transformation, Jeka wore a pair of mechanical arms to make up for her lack of limbs. On her home world she was tended to by servants.



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