Quote1 Sometimes I wish that I lived in a cocoon-- a place where I could pretend that the world outside-- wasn't a wasteland. Quote2
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Allegra is the breakout prisoner of a virtual reality program designed to keep her mind erased and subdued while she pilots an experimental suit designed to defend the world from Armageddon. Only known as Allegra during the beginning of her brainwashing, Jennifer Gold was chosen to be the wearer of a suit of armor developed by Gamorran Special Forces. The process of her experimentation included wiping her mind, causing her permanent amnesia, exterminating her family and indoctrinating her into the futuristic, post-apocalyptic world where the surface had been poisoned by a genetic virus that killed 9 out of 10 people on earth. Those who survived were taken to a single, floating colony named Colony Paradis. However, the colony was lead by two dysfunctional leaders, Doctor Huber and Doctor Tullus. The two brilliant minds could not work together and thus Doctor Huber left to start Colony Midian and Doctor Tullus renamed Paradis to Garadis and let his people, the Kioram, act as his guard and citizens. Allegra was the lead guard of Colony Midian and was charged with three rules, never return to the surface, never betray the colony and guard Midian against all attackers. Allegra routinely endangered herself and her mind by constantly returning to the surface where she was "called" by an angel that bore her face.

Another armor wearing guard in Midian's forces was named Keres, a ruthless woman who constantly pushed Allegra and tried to force Allegra out of her role so she could assume it. When Allegra is badly injured, losing many limbs after an adventure to the surface, Keres was there to try and force Doctor Huber to remove the armor from her and give it to Keres. But Huber refused, instead relaunching the program that reorganizes Allegra's distorted mind. The program was actually a kind of hypnosis, should Jennifer remember her truth life outside of the program she would experience pain. Should she forget and continue the experiment she would be "reborn". This cycle of life and death continued to give her brief moments where her unconscious mind could reach out and speak to her, begging her to return to the surface.

And once she did. Allegra returned to the surface and found a man named Lak who tried to guide Allegra to the truth. However, the programmers eventually stopped the invasive distraction and tried to force Allegra to return to her duty by pitting her in a conflict against Kioram and Doctor Tullus. Combat, violence and fighting were all designed to test the limits and understandings of the armor as well as the stress it causes it's pilot while also serving the keep the pilot docile and subservient. Keres eventually showed up to return Allegra to her colony but a battle between the two resulted in Allegra's death. She awoke back at Colony Midian where she was ready to be reprogrammed.

This time, however, Allegra would not fall victim to the cycle of life and death that she experienced each time she ventured too close to the truth. She decided not to return to her armor, against Doctor Huber's will, and venture around the colony. While pondering the choices she's made she stumbles upon a part of the Colony that had not been finished. Like a bug in a video game or a mistake needed to be patched, this error proved to give Jennifer evidence that she was not living in a real world. Another battle with Keres ensued with the intention of driving Allegra back into her armor. Instead of dying again, Allegra chose to wear her armor and defeat Keres only after realizing that she was being fooled into believing this reality to be true. She struck out at Keres, at Doctor Huber, at Colony Midian, at Colony Garadis and the Kioram, at Doctor Tullus and finally at the surface where she was able to "break through" the system that bound her mind and force her body to awaken from the dream she was forced into. Lak revealed himself to be a real person actually named Larry and guided Jennifer and her armor through the Gamorra facility. She found the body of Karen, known as Keres, shot in the head by Doctor Huber, another real person. Allegra killed Doctor Huber and started the countdown to the destruction of the base that kept her hostage. Lak revealed what he knew about her, how she was a prisoner, that she had not volunteered, how her family had been killed. But he knew nothing more, leaving Jennifer with many question as she escapes the island. The angel that assisted in her realization of the program was her unconscious mind trying to awaken her, she acknowledged this and set off into the world to discover her purpose and the truth behind the Gamorra Protectorate's plans for Armageddon.


  • Aviation: Before being trapped in the Gamorra program, Jennifer was an experience combat pilot for the United States Air Force.


  • Combat Armor: Jennifer Gold was kidnapped and forced into a program that was designed to test the human mind's ability to pilot a new kind of machine which forced it's user into subservience. With armor like this, any man or woman could be turned into a soldier by simply putting it on. The armor only improved in functionality the more the user decided to loosen their morals and stopped resisting. However, Jennifer was able to shatter the program that bound her and use the armor to it's fullest capabilities without being a slave to the machine.
    • Flight: Jennifer's primary knowledge is in flying. Colony Midian was designed to be in the air as to facilitate the need for personal flight. She and her armor would glow and together they would take off without need for propulsion, only her desire.
    • Energy Projection: Jennifer can use this same glowing, usually green, energy to consolidate into blasts from her hands. Therefore making traditional weaponry unnecessary, even aiming wasn't necessary as the armor was designed to find the right target to fire at once initiated.
    • Superhuman Strength: Jennifer's armor was wrapped in thin, yellow prehensile tentacles which she could lift and fire from her body to wrap up, disable or drag her victims. She could also fire her energy from the tips of the tentacles. This strength to lift multiple people or heavy objects as well as bash through walls was not limited to her tentacles, she can use the strength herself without them.
    • Superhuman Durability: Jennifer can take a considerable amount of damage from both conventional weapons, firearms and explosions, and unconventional sources, energy blasts and dagger-like nails.
    • Regeneration: Jennifer has "died" and been "reborn" countless times during her internment in the Gamorra program. Each time she never truly died even after sustaining injuries like multiple limb loss. All she needed was to be returned to her cocoon or a certain amount of time and the armor would help repair her broken body.
  • The name Allegra was chosen to represent the "allegory" in which Doctor Huber needed to test the doomsday capabilities of the suit in a hyper realistic state.


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