Jenny Mei Sparks is an individual with a singular past. According to the dead shamans who inhabit the bardo known as "the Hospital", she is a techne - a spirit of the mechanical arts and crafts, empowered by the defining technology of her era, and created by unknown powers be defend the planet Earth.[1]

Born at the beginning of the 20th century, Jenny Mei Sparks was an active participant in a meeting between International Operations, an American intelligence agency of frightening scope, and Skywatch, a secret space program who manage the solar system.[2] If the meeting had been unsuccessful, the resulting conflict could have destroyed civilization. Fortunately, accord held, and the resulting agreements ("the nine treaties") maintained the peace.[3]

However, the debate process was draining to Jenny, and an undisclosed amount of time afterwards, she succumbed to an extended bout of alcoholism.[2]

Everyone Is Looking Up

Eventually realising that she could not be killed by alcohol, she forced herself to recover. Afterwards she took stock of the world, how it had changed since the talks, and how much longer the treaties would hold.[2]

Using her existing knowledge, she constructed a pinboard in her Whitechapel flat, containing all the pieces of salient information and half-mad story she thought might be pertinent to the big picture, and then, she went looking for more.[4]

When word reached her of a magician named Shen Li-Men, operating in Amsterdam, she went there, and faked a drug trip gone bad, to see what she would do.[1]




  • Power Limitation: When removed from an environment with active telecom signals, she reported a headache[2]

Jenny Sparks was created by Warren Ellis and Tom Raney, first appearing in StormWatch #37. However, in The Wild Storm continuity her first appearance is in Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt's The Wild Storm #3.



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