Jennifer Pierce is the youngest of two daughters of Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart. Based in Freeland, she is an attending student at Garfield High School, commonly referred to as the "Queen of Garfield," and was a kidnapping victim of the One Hundred, alongside her older sister Anissa Pierce before being rescued by Black Lightning.[1]

She enters a romantic relationship with student athlete Khalil Payne but endures a strain after he is injured during a peaceful protest that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. Jennifer's latent powers awaken after a scare of a friend collapsing from a scaffolding, initially rejecting them after revealing them to her family.

With her powers growing exponentially, Jennifer, by Jefferson and Lynn's concerns for her safety and their own, limit her from leaving home, taking her classes online; she is also informed by Anissa to stay away from Khalil.[2]



  • Jennifer was born October 7, 2001.[3]



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