Jenny Fractal was born January 1, 2000 in Singapore alongside her twin sister Jenny Quantum, during the death of Jenny Sparks, where their birth mother was killed during the battle between Dr. Kriegstein's super-soldiers and the Authority when they were attempting to kidnap her sister and shape the coming century. Her biological father's identity and whereabouts are unknown. She was found by agents of the Chinese government in the ruins of the Singapore General Hospital as its only survivor and was raised as a weapon for the government after the Authority decided to liberate Tibet from Chinese control. The Chinese government immersed Jenny in an assassin program to create a remorseless, unthinking superweapon loyal only to them, but she was driven insane by the program and they lost control of Jenny due to her immense power.[1]

On the day of the Authority's coup d'état against the American government, Jenny broke out of isolation in Henan Province and forced the Chinese government to work for her under threat of complete and utter annihilation. She later disguised herself as her birth mother while staging a fake custody lawsuit against the Authority to obtain custody over her twin sister before revealing herself after making direct contact with her twin. She then attempted to kill Jenny before being confronted by Apollo, whom she quickly dispatched and left critically injured. Jenny and her sister and Midnighter then engaged in battle, but her twin sister had lost and been killed during the fight, forcing the Midnighter to flee with her body.[1]

Jenny then hijacked the Authority's carrier and used its shift ship technology as a conduit for her powers for her plan to cause the multiverse to implode and collapse in on itself as a black hole with Earth at the center. In rebellion, the remaining members of the Authority fought Jenny while Midnighter was sent back in time to day she was born to kill Jenny as a newborn. After Midnighter killed the newborn Jenny, her sister's consciousness which was saved by the Doctor upon her death was transferred into Jenny's future body upon the moment of her death.[2]


  • Spirit of the 21st Century: Like her sister, was born "with the century" - on the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve of 2000. Normally as a Century Baby grows they displayed certain superhuman abilities and skills, as well as immortality (not aging beyond her 20's until the century is over). In Jenny's case she displayed her powers a little after birth, whereas her previous incarnations only developed their abilities at 19. As with all Century Babies, it has been theorized that they act as an immune system for the planet; her very existence protecting Earth.
    • Quantum Reality Manipulation: Jenny has the power to manipulate reality at the quantum level allowing her to achieve anything she can conceive of at the quantum molecular level. Jenny has the ability to manipulate the laws of quantum dynamics, manipulate ambient energies, and accelerate her own age. She was responsible for the Bleed space fractures that were tearing the Earth apart by making splinters of alternative universes to enter their plane of existence with cataclysmic effect. She could also rebuild her own body atom by atom after it was blasted by her twin sister.



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