"Rough Trade": Jenny contemplates how being connected to the era has its pitfalls - for instance, her time during the 1980's.

Quote1 Sleeping in boxes and eating leftover pizza for the past twelve months has built up a lot of negative energy in me, Apollo. Treating these dirtbags to a little eye-gouging and neck-breaking for a few minutes might be just the kind of cathartic exercise I was looking for. Quote2

Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority #2 is an issue of the series Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2000.

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  • Princess Diana


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Synopsis for "Rough Trade"

Jenny contemplates how being connected to the era has its pitfalls - for instance, her time during the 1980's.

On June 3rd, 1992, Apollo and Midnighter prepare to launch a covert strike on an air force base. Apollo grabs one of the officers and questions him about the children they have in custody, before dropping him from a great height when the officer reveals the truth about the children. Apollo informs Midnighter of the scale of the abuse, and informs him they are heading for London.

In London, Jenny has lunch with Princess Diana. After their lunch, Jenny encounters a man she hasn't seen for years, Colonel Kirsan Pruzhany. Diana points out that she might have an idea as to why the Colonel is in London, and tips Jenny off to an event that is happening that night in the East End.

On Skywatch, Bendix speaks directly to Pruzhany about the plans he has in place. Pruzhany confirms the plan and Bendix congratulates him. Bendix asks the Colonel to pass on his well wishes to the Prime Minister.

Apollo and Midnighter arrive in London and head straight for the East End. They enter an abandoned warehouse, and it becomes clear that they have walked straight into a trap. Pruxhany and Bendix reveal themselves to the incapacitated Apollo and Midnighter. Bendix address the two, informing them they were foolish to believe they could remain invisible from him. Bendix orders the troops to kill the Apollo and Midnighter.

The lights in the room suddenly cut out. Through the use of night vision, the troops see a woman standing in the middle of the room. Jenny addresses Pruzhany, then electrocutes all of his troops. Midnighter takes advantage of the opportunity. He escapes and kills Pruzhany.

Jenny briefly chats with Midnighter and Apollo, who they ask her why she risk her life to help them. Jenny simply repy that "I just don't like to see idealistic types getting the crap kicked out of them by people who think they know better." She then lights one of her trademark cigarettes and leaves.


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