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Jeremiah Arkham is the head doctor at Arkham Asylum.


During the Joker's endgame, Arkham, in a bout of insanity and perhaps instructed to do so by the Joker, came into the asylum disguised as the Joker, and released bombs of Joker Gas, as well as taking out the power, allowing the inmates and patients to escape their cells. With control over all non-chemically altered inmates (aside from those such as the Riddler, who followed the "Joker" out of fear), he had his jokerised minions kill several of the guards in the asylum, taunting them as he did so.

With the only escaping survivors surrounded, Arkham taunted them about their imminent deaths until, in a fit of rage, the last remaining guard punched him in the face, exposing his true identity by causing his wig to fall off. This caused all of the inmates, no longer in fear of Arkham since he wasn't the Joker, to run towards him, shouting "Kill him!"

Though the guard tried to protect Arkham, the two seemed doomed until the police arrived, controlled the mob, and threw Arkham into his own cell.


Sometime later, Jeremiah had apparently regained his sanity and somehow his position in the asylum, and accompanied Batman in creating a team to face up against Bane.[2]


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