Jeremiah Cain is one of the foremost magician of the Earth. At one point in time Jeremiah was an apprentice to the old age hero Mago the Magician. Sometime later Jeremiah became a master in his own right and took the position left vacant by his predecessor for the past 63 years. Jeremiah is stated to be over 200 yrs old. Black Betty is his apprentice and has been since she was 16 years old, most recently Jeremiah had entered the astral plane and hasn't returned to his body. Betty has not told anyone this and keeps up the facade that all her deep magical insight she has in her dealings with Stormwatch P.H.D. is a result of Jeremiah's consul. In truth she has been relying on old spells and his mystical alarms and defenses. She keeps the astral gate open hoping one day he'll find his way back.

It was reveal later that Cain had known that Armageddon was coming and left his physical body to travel between dimensions to prepare for it. After discovering The Doctor (Habib Bin Hassan) was dead and that the Century Baby Gaia had been driven insane, he decided to use her to bring them back to Earth. Once returning, he knew that he hasn't has the power to face a mysterious threat that would destroy the universe. In so, he resolved to find Mago. Instead of appearing to his mentor as it would arouse too many questions and jeopardizing his mission, he adopted the guise of Aeon. As Aeon, he went unnoticed while gathered with the heroes of Earth at UnLondon and observed their battle against the Knights of Khera. Leaving the scene of the conflict, Cain determined to find another power source and called upon Gaia's ties to the Earth and its primal, magical energies especially from the Garden of Ancestral Memory. Fortunately for him and his purpose, the planet had became magically unstable and had to await a eruption of magic energy for him to absorb. He approach the first magical geyser at Salem, Massachusetts where he met the Wildcats and along with Mago. Cain fabricated his story and background to the heroes and offered his help in containing the bursts from destabilizing Earth.[1] Cain then brought them to the Abu Simbel temple in Egypt where he absorbed a second geyser. At that moment, Cain revealed his true colors and absorbing the Wildcats and their allies' powers. Cain tells Mago partly about his intentions which involved destroying the Earth and absorbing all of its magic in order to save the universe from an encroaching evil universal infection making its way to Earth that he planned to engage in battle, and that if he divulge of what the threat he would be likely be stopped. After dispatching some of the heroes, Cain flied into the Earth's core to absorb the entirety of the planet's magic.[2]

Jeremiah Cain's death

Cain's death.

At the core he was confronted by Fuji, Hellstrike, and Spartan, all of whom were unmatched against Cain, until facing Mago who easily breaks Cain's magic over Gaia. Infuriated for what Mago had done, Cain furiously fought his mentor and sharply criticizing him for dooming the universe.[3] Unfortunately for Cain, despite having the powers he amassed that could kill Mago, he failed to protect his backside and allowing for Fuji, Hellstrike, and Spartan to combine their powers in blasting Cain from behind unnoticed, leaving whats left of him as a charred skeleton. His corpse was then disposed into the Earth's core.[4]



  • Occultism: he possesses a masterful knowledge of magic and mystical works and the mystical arts.



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