Jeremy Creek was a freshman at Smallville High School.

He had the misfortune of being selected for the football team's annual tradition. It involved kidnapping a freshman, stripping him down to his underwear and tie him up in a field, like a scarecrow.[1]

While Jeremy was tied up in the field, the town of Smallville was hit by the largest meteor shower, in history. Like several others in town, Jeremy was mutated by the meteorites. However, the incident also put Jeremy in a coma for 12 years.[1]

Jeremy was awoken in 2001, by a huge electrical storm. He had not aged a day and discovered that he now possessed metahuman abilities. Jeremy went back to Smallville, to get revenge on the football players who had made him into the "scarecrow". He took out three of the guys, but then Jeremy learned that the football team was still engaged in the "scarecrow" tradition. Feeling that nothing ever changes, Jeremy decided to kill all the current students at the homecoming dance.[1]

When Jeremy arrived at the school, he was confronted by Clark Kent, who wanted to stop him. Jeremy fought Kent, but when Jeremy was exposed to water, he was electrocuted. As a result, Jeremy lost his memories, including his desire for revenge and told Kent that he wanted to go home.[1]



  • Jeremy Creek was born 1975.[1]



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