Quote1 I? I'm hope that never dies, that is reborn at the end of every winter, laughing at despair! I am its symbol and its harbinger! I am the spring, the promise implicit in every birth, the wonder that rises with every new day! I am The Robin. Quote2
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Jeremy Standish was just an ordinary seven year old. He was approached by Batman's guardian angel, who merged with Jeremy to become The Robin. He saved Batman when he was captured by Joker, and while he was grateful, he denied his company. Joker learned of Jeremy's true nature so he kidnapped and tortured him, robbing him of his innocence and powers.[1]




  • Jeremy Standish is an amalgamation of the three Robins. He shared his innocence and optimism with Dick Grayson, he was tortured and had his innocence stolen by The Joker like Jason Todd, and like Tim Drake, was a relatively normal kid until he had to become Robin to rescue Batman.



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