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Double Down is a criminal in Central City with the power to magically turn his skin into razor-sharp playing cards. This has made him an enemy of the Flash.

At some point in his career, Double Down was captured and sent to Iron Heights by the Flash. When Iron Heights was invaded by the Acolytes of Zoom, Double Down was temporarily escaped.

Double Down was invited to join the Legion of Zoom, a group organized by the Reverse-Flash to finally defeat the Flash. [1]


  • Magic: Double Down's powers are a form of cursed magic and have even cut Superman on one occasion.
    • Unique Physiology: Double Down can peel cards from under his skin. He can then throw the cards at a fast enough velocity that they can cut weaker materials, including flesh.
      • Body Art Animation: Double Down has limited control of his cards once thrown. He can change the card's trajectory and even cause it to stick to a surface. The card's control is released once Double Down is knocked unconscious.




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