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Jericho is the son of Deathstroke and a member of the Titans.

Five years ago, Jericho lived with his overprotective mother Adeline in San Francisco out of sight of his father.[1] He was Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) oldest child and, according to his sister Rose, he was killed by his own father about four years ago.[2]

Jericho loved and admired his father, even though he was far from home to do his job as a rent killer, an activity he did not know about. Knowing that Deathstroke's fatherly love for his son Jericho would be his weakness, Robin (Dick Grayson) approached the boy and befriended him, and then he discovered Jericho's psychic powers. Dick took him later to the Titans Tower and invited him to join the Titans, while revealing to him the truth about his father.[3]

Lured to a church to hear the truth from his own father's mouth, Jericho got in the middle of the fight between Deathstroke and Robin. At first he was unsure which side to choose, but he used his own body as a shield to protect Robin and he was mortally wounded by his father's sword.[3]


Deathstroke believes that Jericho's powers were genetically inherited by his son after the improvements in his own physiology before Jericho was born.[3]

  • Astral Projection: Jericho can separate his "soul-self" from his physical body.[3]
    • Possession: Jericho's soul-self can enter and control the bodies of others through eye contact.[3]


Other Characteristics

  • Dormant Body: When Jericho leaves his body, it is vulnerable to physical harm due to it being completely immobile.[3]
  • Mutism: Jericho had his throat cut by Deathstroke's enemies, who threatened to kill his family if he did not provide them with the information they sought.[3]
  • No Physical Body

  • When his mother asks if he is dating girlfriends or boyfriends and he gets shy, it shows that he is probably bisexual.[3]



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