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Jerry McGee, alias Speed Demon, was the husband of Tina McGee. Because of his extensive scientific knowledge about superspeed (and his abuse of the drug Steroid B-19), he has acted as both an enemy and ally to the Flash.

Becoming a Monster

Jerry McGee met Tina, who would become his wife, in college. He would use pidgin French to flirt with her, but it just annoyed her.

He eventually found work as a scientist for Genetech in Syracuse, specializing in hyper-physiology, the development of super-athletes. He was working on a project by the name of Übermensch, in which he injected himself with Steroid B-19. He became obsessed with his work, and in dire need of therapy. His boss, Dr. Conrad Bortz, locked Jerry out of his lab after he had assaulted some other Genetech employees. Also, because of his problems, Jerry's relationship with his wife, Tina, was strained, and they separated for a year. When she approached him about a divorce, he beat her. Tina moved in with Wally West and he decided to exact vengeance on her as Speed McGee.

His costume was extremely high-tech, with an electronically metered, computer-controlled device that automatically injected steroids into him. External nerve enhancers permitted his body to handle the increased energy without burning out, and he tabulated electronically polarized goggles to Tina's pH balance in order to track her. He was very awkward with his speed initially, running into things such as horses, walls, and after tracking Tina to Wally's home in Middle Hampton, a Texaco fuel depot, causing a giant explosion, after which he disappeared.

Medical Dilemma

He reappeared in upstate New York, this time at Conrad Bortz's mansion, hoping for revenge on his old boss. The Flash was on the scene, but he was looking to be severely beaten. However, all of a sudden, Jerry collapsed. He had suffered near total kidney failure and massive internal hemorrhaging. He had to have a new heart, lung and kidneys transplanted. His blood pressure had damaged his eyes, and his leg joints were messed up. According to Bortz, he could only be saved by Dr. Orloff, a Russian scientist working in the same field as Jerry at the Puleski Institute.

Orloff, who was brought to America by Flash and Red Trinity, brought with him a chemical that reverses the effects of steroids. During the operation, he was still able to see and feel what was going on because his metabolism was too fast for that anesthesia. Dr. Orloff was able to stabilize Jerry's condition, although he remained in a coma.

He eventually came out of his coma. After an eight-month hospital stay, he was even able to help Dr. Bortz ease the withdrawal of Vandal Savage's Velocity 9 junkies. Also, he went along with Wally and Mason Trollbridge as they tracked down Vandal Savage.

New Leaf with Tina

After Tina and Wally's relationship ended, Tina came back to Jerry. Together, they moved out to California and began working for the Pacific Institute. The two of them were assigned to research possible ways to bring back Wally's speed after it was taken away by the alien gene bomb that had exploded over Earth. By studying Barry Allen's notes, Jerry determined which chemicals were sprayed on him in the accident that gave him superspeed. He set up a device that sprayed Wally with these chemicals while sending an electric charge through him. It worked, but in a deadly way. With his newfound speed, Wally burned a deep line across the country. The two of them, along with Mason Trollbridge, decided to follow his tracks, hoping to rescue him.

They followed him to a giant crater near Swainsville, New Mexico. They stayed in this tiny community for a while, researching what had happened that day of Wally's run across the country and apparent explosion nearby. A lot of tension built up between the three of them and the small community. In the end, they were able to find Wally, who had become the Porcupine Man and restored him to normal with the help of Chunk.

When Wally was taken hostage by the Turtle, Mason Trollbridge recruited Jerry to help out the search. The McGees were able to find out the villain's position by triangulation after analyzing two Turtlescope mini-cams they had found.

The McGees remained good friends with Wally, and he would often seek their aid with scientific matters.


  • Unique Physiology: Using the experimental serum Steroid B-19, McGee altered his physiology to give himself incredible powers.

Other Characteristics

  • Drug Addiction: Through the continued use of steroids Jerry started to lose his mind and became something like a psychotic killing machine, driven only by rage, malice, and heart break.


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