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Jerry Ordway (b. November 28, 1957) is a writer.

Professional History

He began his career in 1979 working for Fantagraphics Books on the title The Comics Journal. His first work for DC Comics was in 1981 in the title Mystery in Space. Later on he worked on titles such as Weird War Tales, Justice League of America, All-Star Squadron, Wonder Woman, DC Sampler, House of Mystery, Infinity Inc., Azrael and many more. He was hired by Marvel Comics in 1984 and he also worked in many of their most iconic titles.

Ordway is probably best known for his work on the graphic novel The Power of Shazam! and also for his work on the Crisis on Infinite Earths event as well as his long run in the Superman title.

Most recently, he has been working for Dark Horse Comics and for DC Comics in the titles Convergence: Infinity Inc. and Justice League.

Personal History

Jerry Ordway is an American comic book artist and writer. Ordway is married to Peggy May Ordway.

Work History


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