Jerry White was the son of Perry White.

Jerry White didn't see much of his father growing up. His father, Perry White, had his hands full with the Daily Planet. Their main interaction was when Perry had to bail him out of trouble. Having passed bad checks around for a month, Jerry was sent to prison. He briefly shared cells with Gene Newtrich, who let it slip where Jerry could find some Red Kryptonite. After he got out, Jerry acquired the Kryptonite and began renting out his services to local criminals, who wanted Superman out of the way. Among them were Mister Gadget. At the same time, Jerry reconnected with his father. He began giving Perry expensive gifts, claiming to have gotten a job. But, when Perry gave him a check, wanting to help his son financially, and showed his affection for him, Jerry began having second thoughts. While helping Mister Gadget, Jerry was spotted by his father, who managed to convince Jerry to stop exposing Superman to the Red Kryptonite. Jerry revealed who were behind everything and was returned to prison. However, Clark Kent assured that Superman would put in a good word, for Jerry to get a lenient sentence.



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