Jervis Tetch is--or was--a brilliant neuroscientist with some revolutionary ideas on the subject of brain chemistry and free will. He theorized that all of a person's emotions and loyalties could be altered and even controlled with the right chemicals. He set forth the basics of a formula which he hypothesized would enable someone to re-write another person's attitudes. Unfortunately--or perhaps not--Jervis soon descended into mental instability himself. He thought himself the incarnation of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, and took up hatmaking as a trade, and, even more disturbing, became a serial killer, marking a girl as "Alice", luring them away and then killing them. He took his knowledge of hypnotism and psychoactive drugs and began bending the minds of other people. Equally impressive, he found ways to incorporate mind-control devices into the hats he made and wore, to both augment his own talents and to render others more susceptible to his influence.

His earlier work was noticed by Professor Hugo Strange, who experimented with Tetch's formulas and techniques and found them quite efficacious. They enabled the construction of Arkham City and Strange's control of several key figures to make it happen. Strange, however, needed further help in the area. Since this was outside his own area of expertise, he patiently drew Jervis more into the real world, and supplied him with the things Jervis required to do labwork. These deals included some comforts such as Jervis's hats, some rabbits as test subjects and a fetching blonde assistant who, Strange assured him, was Alice.

Once Batman was inside Arkham City, Jervis Tetch hatted up and went after him. The Mad Hatter managed to lure Batman into a trap, and then slip a mind-control mask on him. Batman fought the control and won over it, and punched the Mad Hatter out. Once the Mad Hatter woke up, he was harmlessly wringing his hands and fretting about what he would do next. The interview tapes and other information Batman found on the premises clarified much about Strange and Arkham City, making the detour a productive one.


Master of hypnotism and mind control


Hats and masks which augment his mind-control abilities.



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