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Jervis Tetch, better known by his criminal alias of the Mad Hatter, was one of the many arch-criminals who plagued Gotham City and its most famous defenders, Batman and Robin.

Criminal Career

True to his alias, the Mad Hatter was obsessed with hats and headpieces of all shapes and sizes, and often made them the targets of his crimes. His chief obsession was, of course, with Batman's cowl. Many times over the course of his criminal career, the Mad Hatter has attempted to coerce the Caped Crusader into unmasking himself - never with any success.

"The Runaway Jury"

After serving his sentence for one particular conviction and being released, Tetch immediately sought revenge on the people whom he deemed the most responsible for his incarceration. The arch-criminal quickly gathered a gang, and began to sweep through Gotham, kidnapping each of the twelve citizens who had been part of the jury at his last trial (and stealing each of their hats, to boot). The Mad Hatter schemed to extract an unorthodox but highly valuable ransom once he had kidnapped all twelve jurors: a collection of hats that had once belonged to past Presidents of the United States. At the heart of his revenge scheme, however, was the man who had been the prosecution's chief witness at Tetch's last trial: Batman.


  • Super-Instant Mesmerizer: The Mad Hatter's most commonly-used gadget was built into his top hat; with the squeeze of a button, the crown of the hat would pop up and reveal a pair of bulbs that emitted a hypnotic light. Anyone whom the light struck would instantly fall unconscious. It was later revealed that Jervis Tetch's brother, Morris "The Clock King" Tetch, constructed it, and most of the Mad Hatter's high tech weapons, for his brother.



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