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Jervis Tetch was the Mad Hatter, a criminal who used hypnisis to make people do his bidding.

Jervis Tetch was a professional hypnotist who became the legal guardian of his sister Alice Tetch after their parents' death. Alice had special blood, which led Jervis to track her to Gotham City after hearing the breakout of freaks and monsters at Indian Hill. Jervis was hired to put on a few shows at Barbara Kean's nightclub The Sirens, where he showed off his incredible hypnosis ability. Jervis sought out the aid of private investigator James Gordon to help track down his sister. Gordon found his sister, who had committed fires to avoid any contamination of her blood. Alice tells Gordon she doesn't want her brother to find her. Gordan demanded answers from Jervis, but on the roof of The Sirens, Jervis hypnotized Gordon, who almost jumped off the roof but was saved by Alice as Jervis fled the scene.[1]

With Alice in police custody, Jervis stormed the Gotham City Police Department with the help of the Terrible Tweeds. Jervis got Alice, and brought her to a warehouse set-up with amusements just for her. Gordon and Harvey Bullock track him down, and in a shoot-out, Alice accidentally fell and gets impaled on a spike. A devastated Jervis flees the scene with two of the Tweed brothers.[2]

Jervis, filled with rage at James Gordon, went on a killing spree killing women who were dressed as Alice.[3]

During No Man's Land, Mad Hatter formed an alliance with Jeremiah Valeska and helped him in his scheme to recreate the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Tetch hypnotized two Wayne lookalikes and Alfred Pennyworth at Wayne Manor and then assisted Ecco at Ace Chemicals. The Mad Hatter put various members of the Chessmen gang under his spell and ordered them to restart production of the toxic chemicals.[4]




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