Jes Macallan (b. August 9, 1982) portrays Ava Sharpe on the series DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Pictured: Jes Macallan as Ava Sharpe from the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Aruba-Con"

Work History

Acting Credits

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2016- Ava Sharpe
     "Aruba-Con" October 10, 2017 Ava Sharpe
     "Freakshow" October 17, 2017 Ava Sharpe
     "Zari" October 24, 2017 Ava Sharpe
     "Return of the Mack" November 7, 2017 Ava Sharpe
     "Beebo the God of War" December 5, 2017 Ava Sharpe
     "Daddy Darhkest" February 12, 2018 Ava Sharpe
     "Here I Go Again" February 19, 2018 Ava Sharpe
     "The Curse of the Earth Totem" February 26, 2018 Ava Sharpe
     "No Country for Old Dads" March 5, 2018 Ava Sharpe
     "Necromancing the Stone" March 19, 2018 Ava Sharpe
     "I, Ava" March 26, 2018 Ava Sharpe
     "Guest Starring John Noble" April 2, 2018 Ava Sharpe
     "The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly" April 9, 2018 Ava Sharpe

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