Quote1.png I can't quit. I've been quitting on you for too long. I've been quitting on this church. You deserve better. You -- you deserve... you deserve a good preacher. You deserve a good preacher, and -- and that's what you're gonna get. As of today... as of right now, I'm going to fight. I'm going to do what all good preachers have done since the Serpent and Man's Fall -- pray for the sinner. Offer peace to the restless. Avenge the innocent. Cool the wrathful. Welcome those who are lost. And last but not least... speak forth the Word of God. For all this, I am responsible. I am that preacher. This is my answer. This is why I've come home. To save you. Quote2.png
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Jesse Custer is a preacher in a Texas town who merges with a creature that has escaped from heaven and develops the ability to make anyone do anything he says.

Along with his ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and an Irish vampire named Cassidy, the three embark on a journey to find God.[1]

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Quote1.png I got a power inside me. A power that rivals God's. I can command anyone in the universe to do my biddin'. I can call upon the angels. I can send a man to Hell if I want. I've done it before. I can send you to Heaven. Quote2.png
Jesse Custer[src]

  • Divine Empowerment: Jesse Custer is possessed by a powerful entity from Heaven, a nephalem called "Genesis," the offspring of an angel and a demon, and is considered the most powerful entity ever known in the universe and the singular force that could shift the balance of power and threaten all of creation, according to DeBlanc and Fiore[2] and "the greatest power ever known."[3] He described his powers as feeling like a blender resides in his gut, and the blender contains "all of God's creation," including, but not limited to, love, hate, fire, ice, polonium, ice cream, and tarantulas.[4] Even Cassidy, an extremely powerful vampire, admits the highly desired power inside Jesse.
    • Mind Control: After becoming possessed by Genesis, Jesse was granted access to the "Word of God". He can physically force people, including humans, vampires and even angels,[2] to do whatever he wants them to, by simply speaking it. Using this, he can erase memories by telling people to forget somebody or something, and even wake people up from comas, notably doing so with Tracy Loach. However, his thralls are open to interpretation; when he told Ted Reyerson to "open his heart" to his mother, he literally cut out his own heart and presented it to her.[5] Odin Quincannon also interpreted Custer's command to serve God as any deity, to which he chose the God of Meat.[3] He also needs to focus his word, as Cassidy was able to resist him commanding him to share his beverage,[6] but he later used it on him to make him perform various tasks.[4] His subjects also cannot respond truthfully to questions they don't know the answer to; when he asked Cassidy for the identity of the senator of Texas, he responded with "Chuck Norris" because he did not know. Donnie Schenck compared Custer's divine enthrallment as being a powerless "puppet" and "a cow in a maze."[7] Jesse's word is so powerful, he was able to command God Himself to bring Eugene back from Hell after he told him to go there. God instilled Eugene the determination to actually dig out of Hell with his bare hands. However, this was only an illusion. His word is seemingly everlasting, as the two angels could not enter his church after Custer forbade them.[3] His voice is also rendered useless if his potential thralls cannot hear him, as Donnie intentionally deafened himself by firing off a gun near his ear to resist Custer's word,[3] and Pat could not hear Jesse's commandment over his headphones playing Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" until he removed his headphones after a brutal duel.[8] His power is also useless against soulless individuals, such as the Saint of Killers.
      • Dimensional Travel: Jesse can teleport people to either Heaven or Hell by simply telling them to go there, while using the Word of God.[9]


  • Charisma[10]
  • Deception[9]
  • Firearms: Jesse is an expert marksman and possesses great skill in the use of firearms. He has shown to be particularly skilled with a sniper, but is also skilled in using other guns, such as revolvers[2] and pistols.[3] He was described as "an incredible shot" by Clive after he shot his genitals off.[3] Years prior, after a botched heist with Tulip and Carlos, Jesse shot a security guard directly in the forehead with his handgun.[11]
  • Gadgetry: Jesse was able to build an explosive out of various hardware store items.[9]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Jesse is a highly skilled fighter, as he was able to swiftly defeat a group of men in a bar fight.[5] Cassidy warned the two angels of how dangerous Jesse is in combat, describing him as "a bloody wrecking crew" in comparison to himself.[4]
  • Interrogation[12]
  • Intimidation[12]
  • Investigation[13]
  • Occultism: Jesse possesses knowledge and insight on various supernatural concepts.[9] Due to growing up with his grandmother, Jesse learned about magic and mysticism.[14]
  • Seduction[15]
  • Theology: As a preacher, Jesse is well learned in the concepts of God and of the nature of religious ideas.[5]
  • Thievery[16]
  • Weaponry: Jesse was able to pick up and use a knife in a fight against an angel. He can also proficiently use different types of firearms[2] and improvise weapons out of objects, such as beer bottles.[5]

  • Custer is a fan of the films "The Big Lebowski"[6] and "Pulp Fiction," comparing himself to the character Vinnie Vega,[2] and his favorite actor is John Wayne.[10] because he thinks he is "real respectful of women"[18] despite Reggie viewing him as "patriarchal."
  • Custer enjoys Chili Cheese Fritos, revealed by Tulip.[4]
  • Custer's favorite jazz song is "A Walk To The Peak" by Gaspare Di Lieto Quintet.[17]



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