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Jesse Hutch (b. February 12, 1981) portrayed Troy Turner and Billy Durden in the television series Smallville. He also portrayed Officer Daily in the television series Arrow.

Pictured: Jesse Hutch as Officer Daily from the Arrow episode "Three Ghosts"

Work History

Acting Credits

Smallville 2001-2011 Troy Turner
     "Shimmer" January 29, 2002 Troy Turner
     "Redux" October 29, 2002 Troy Turner
     "Spirit" April 20, 2005 Billy Durden
Arrow 2012-2020 Officer Daily
     "Crucible" October 30, 2013 Officer Daily
     "State v. Queen" November 20, 2013 Officer Daily
     "The Scientist" December 4, 2013 Officer Daily
     "Three Ghosts" December 11, 2013 Officer Daily
     "Blast Radius" January 15, 2014 Officer Daily
     "Blind Spot" January 22, 2014 Officer Daily

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