Jesse Stipanovic gained some of Superman's powers.

In 1994, Jesse Stipanovic was on a plane with his mother. The plane almost crashed, but was rescued by Superman and a lightning strike transferred some Kryptonian powers to Jesse.

A year later, Leigh-Anne (who couldn't hold on to a job, as no kindergarten would take Jesse) went public and claimed that Jesse was Superman's son. This forced Superman to take action and demand a paternity test, performed by Dr. Bernard Klein. However, Jesse had also caught the attention of the criminal called "Anonymous", who kidnapped him and used Jesse to kidnap a president.

Meanwhile, Dr. Klein had discovered that Jesse's powers weren't permanent and were quickly fading. Once Anonymous was defeated, Jesse's powers were gone and he was able to return to a normal life.



  • Power Limitation: Jesse's powers weren't permanent. Time, combined with heavy use of them, caused him to lose his powers.



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